DiscoveryPEN is a quick and easy way to make audio tours and add audio commentary for your nature trails and museum exhibits.

It is ideal for offering a different interpretation experience that leads to greater retention of information. Flexibility is its key attribute - change languages instantly for the multi-lingual visitor venues, a huge range of media from sound enabled leaflets, badges, panels, outdoor signs.  And change tours or voice recordings at very low costs.

The DiscoveryPEN system is ideal for enhancing the Accessibility to your venue. Recommended by the RNIB, the system has won many awards including the enAble award in 2010. It is a well-tested system which has huge benefits for blind and partially sighted people, deaf people and for school visits, where children can compile their own trail within minutes.

Here are a few venues who have adopted the DiscoveryPENs and please look at the possible uses:

Current Projects in Development:
The Dr Edward Jenner museum
Conan Doyle Museum
Ashley Forest Trail, and
Butler Museum in Ireland.

Examples of Other projects running:
Imperial War Museum
Bristol M Shed Museum
Cliveden National Trust
Rosliston Forestry Centre
Teignmouth Jubilee Heritage Trail
WestonbritArboretum, Tetbury
Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport

Examples of completed projects:
Oxford University Botanic Garden
Culloden Battlefield Museum, Inverness
St Andrews Golf Museum
Butler Gallery Kilkenny Ireland
Heritage and Culture, Warwickshire

and more venues in the USA.

The RNIB use the same technology for their PENfriend which we supply
Over 20,000 pens have been sold to primary schools in UK and Sweden

The salient features users like about the system are:
●    The ability to create and manage one's own content while making changes quickly and easily
●    The various media a single pen can access: badges, leaflets, wall panels, outdoor platforms
●    The ability to get started with little or no training, in content creation and front office staff.
●    The simplicity of design where users can listen at their own pace and sequence, with no keying in. Users can pause, stop and listen randomly,    without following a linear sequence
●    The opportunity to use Mantra Lingua (makers of DiscoveryPEN) as a one-stop shop for interpretation, design, translations & supply of pens and printing
●    The low cost of the system, including maintenance and flexible pricing, compared to alternatives.